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Pickn Pay

The Pick n Pay Group is one of Africa's largest and most consistently successful retailers of food, general merchandise and clothing. The Pick n Pay Group has more than 680 stores, made up of Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Family Stores and employs over 38 000 people.

Business challenge:

Pick n Pay is focused on creating an environment that fosters personal growth, nurtures leadership and rewards innovation. As such the organisation strives to expose people at all levels to opportunities to develop their full potential by creating leading edge development programmes that enhance their lives personally and professionally, equipping them to serve each other and the customers.

Nature of the engagement:

Grow Consulting has worked with Pick n Pay to custom develop and facilitate a number of innovative development programmes, most of which are structured as learning journeys that unfold over time to ensure sustainable results. Learning journeys developed and facilitated for Pick n Pay include the following programmes:

  • Getting Things Done - Personal, interpersonal and organisational skills required by leaders and managers to get things done.
  • Self-Renewal - Self-driven life-long learning for managers.
  • Personal and Professional Excellence for Leaders – A holistic journey to build the fundamental personal and interpersonal capacity of leadership at all levels.
  • The Perfect Sale - Interpersonal selling skills for frontline sales people./

Client quote:

Grow Consulting are real business partners who are committed to identifying and addressing the real needs of the company by using new, fresh and creative approaches to growing both the company and individuals within the company. We rate them highly as trusted advisers: competent, reliable and confidential.

(Linda Saacks – Director: Training and Development)

Grow Consulting Copyright 2013
Grow Consulting Copyright 2013