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Example of Integrated Learning Journey

Grow Consulting Copyright 2013
Grow Consulting Copyright 2013
Orientation and Role Alignment
Launching the management development programme by positioning it within the context of the organizational vision and realities.

  • Clarifying the generic and specific leadership roles of the participants
  • Providing participants with an overview of the programme
Understanding the Business and Shaping the Future
Providing participants with the conceptual frameworks and tools to guide strategic conversations in their business context

  • Developing business acumen within a specific business context
  • Exploring the processes of strategy formulation
  • Mastering the elements of strategic conversation
Leading Change
Mastering the advanced leadership skills required to support and lead others through organization transformation and change.

  • Understanding the dynamics of change
  • Leadership roles in transformation
  • Mastering the interpersonal skills required to energise, mobilize, support and drive others in support of sustainable change
Client Experience Management
Developing the insights and skills required to nurture a customer-centric culture and focus.

  • Understanding the latest concepts in customer service and customer experience
  • Understanding how leadership behaviour drives culture and staff engagement
  • Mastering the skills required to nurture customer centricity
Thinking for Business Results
Developing the conceptual structure and awareness required to optimise problem solving and decision making

  • Understanding own habitual patterns of thinking and problem solving
  • Mastering process and technique to support critical thinking
  • Mastering process and technique to support creative problem solving
  • Developing systemic awareness in thinking
Fundamentals of Leadership and Management
Focusing on equipping managers and leaders with the necessary tools to effectively mobilise others to want to get extraordinary things done in their unique business context.

  • Applied conversations on the latest leadership frameworks and thinking
  • Exploring various leadership and management roles
  • Developing capacity as designer, teacher and servant
  • Deepening insight into self as leader and management
Coaching for Growth & Results
Developing the skills and mindsets required to facilitate meaningful two-way conversations focused on igniting excellent performance and unlocking potential:

  • Developing the coaching mindset
  • Structuring a productive conversation
  • Mastering the interpersonal skills required to facilitate the coaching conversation
  • Managing the processes required for sustainable impact:
    • Climate and safety
    • Confrontation
    • Clarity of mental models
    • Co-creation and responsibility
Social & Relational Intelligence
Exploring and mastering the behaviour and skills required to facilitate conversation and nurture partnership in a networked and connected world

  • Building the foundation of social intelligence: presence, attunement and insight
  • Observing and interpreting behaviour
  • Facilitating difficult conversations
  • Applying social intelligence to build high performance teams
Enhancing Personal Effectiveness: EQ & Beyond
Providing participants with the opportunity to take stock of where they are on their life journey, to refocus, and to take control in order to optimise personal effectiveness

  • Embarking on a journey towards a thriving, flourishing and productive life
  • Facilitating deep and dynamic self-understanding
  • Clarifying personal vision and purpose
  • Mastering various tools and techniques in support of productive living, including the latest insights from positive psychology, emotional intelligence and personal leadership wisdom
Enhancing Personal Effectiveness: Self & Stress Management
Devetoping the personal competencies required to manage time, resources and energy in getting things done in your personal and professional life:

  • Taking care of your own life by taking control of time
  • Maintaining a centered state of composure
  • Transforming stress into positive energy
Orientation and Role Alignment Understanding the Business and Shaping the Future Leading Change Client Experience Management Thinking for Business Results Fundamentals of Leadership and Management Coaching for Growth & Results Social & Relational Intelligence Enhancing Personal Effectiveness: EQ & Beyond Enhancing Personal Effectiveness: Self & Stress Management