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Our people

Grow Consulting’s team brings a rare balance of deep academic grounding in human sciences and commercial experience to bear on all our clients’ challenges. With over 100 years of collective experience, our seasoned people development professionals command specific areas of speciality and excellence to create optimal and appropriate development solutions for our clients.


The executive directors are:

Michael Greyling:
MSc (Clin Psych), HRM (Dip), NLP

Michael Greyling specialises in leadership alignment and development, large scale interventions and process facilitation. He has done work with numerous senior leadership teams in 8 different countries on 4 continents across a variety of industry sectors including energy, professional services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, construction, motor, financial services and public utility.


Marlene de Lange:
MA (Couns Psych), MPhil (PPL), NLP

Marlene de Lange has deep specialisation and experience in people development and personal and interpersonal effectiveness. She capitalises on a strong academic foundation, consulting background and experience in human resources management to design and facilitate solutions for clients ranging from senior individual leaders to complex transformation projects spanning the entire organisation.

Grow Consulting Copyright 2013
Grow Consulting Copyright 2013