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Example of Sustaining Mechanisms

Grow Consulting Copyright 2013
Grow Consulting Copyright 2013
Module assignments and pre-work between modules
  • Prepare and orientate delegates for the next module
  • Allow delegates the opportunity to translate module learnings into business specific practical application
  • Processed during the next modules or PGL sessions
Syndicated assignments submitted at conclusion of module
  • Syndicate written assignment customised to relevant business challenges
Facilitated group sessions with smaller delegate groups
  • Debrief module assignments
  • Review leanings and address any barriers to effective learning
Coaching support
  • 1-on-1 coaching support by external coaches or senior leaders within the business to assist with any individual blockages to effective development
Meeting between delegate and own line manager (and facilitator)
  • Presentation or individual learning journals to line managers and facilitators detailing key learnings and behavioural shifts achieved
Team Consolidation
  • Presentation to a review panel and key business stakeholders on the implications of program learnings to the business